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Your plant powered super snack! Always air dried, never fried!

Enjoy the «Vibe», the guilt free super snack!

Whether you prefer kale, beetroot, carrot or any other fruit or vegetable, you’ll love all our super snacks. They are made from fresh food, manufactured the traditional way and dehydrated at low temperatures to keep the maximum benefits.
And always made with love, of course…

They are also keto friendly.

A dose of passion in every bite!

Our products are made entirely from plant based ingredients

All our flavors are gluten free

Nut and peanut free products

GMO-free products

Add them to a your salad as a seasoning or dressing for extra vitamins!

Don’t hesitate to add our super snacks to all your favorite dishes for more vitamins, proteins and fibers.
In salads, pasta, quiches, soups, and anywhere you like, of course!
Add that extra crunch and flavor in every bite!

Happiness in a bag...

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