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Our history

Taste the “Vibe”
of pleasure without remorse!

Born from a passion for healthy and balanced food, Aliments Vibe’s mission is to change the way people eat snacks, one bite at a time!

Always dehydrated, always with the best ingredients and made in an artisanal way… with love and passion.

Great snacks to enjoy or devour…without remorse!

Vibe is a family story!

Vibe Foods is a family business that has grown by adding other fruits and vegetables to its kale chips to please all palates!
With the idea in mind of making a healthy and appetizing snack, we focused on the benefits of plants and superfoods to make it a super snack that you can eat without remorse. From the outset, we also opted for dehydration at low temperatures to preserve as many nutrients as possible.

Taste the dose of passion included in each bag of our super snacks!

When you bite into it,
it tastes like happiness!

Whether you taste them, devour them or simply eat them peacefully, you will always have the sensation of tasting the happiness of a healthy food, made from freshly harvested fruits and vegetables, prepared with top quality ingredients, as you deserve. .
So go ahead, sink your teeth into happiness!